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Cal-IPGCA Association

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One World Institute is a California-based 501 (C) (3) Public Benefit Corporation formed in 2015. We believe that the world is one system and that we are all interconnected. We believe that when we connect who we are to our work and the world, we can create a more just and sustainable future. We call this a "WholeOCRACY!"

Our Vision is to unite California's diverse people and individualism, cultures, and governments, to better serve each individual and the greater collective community.

 Our Mission is to activate the unlimited human potential, held in this collective community, and represented by the fundamentally interdependent areas of knowledge, economy, environment, technology, business, and services.

The KollaborNation Partnership supports the collective community systems, a trusted web of support that connects people to needed organizations and services, so that all may achieve greater levels of productivity and success. We are One Me, One System, One People, One World.

Each of us is the Nexus connecting who we are in the world around us. Our networks of organizations and communities evolve as people evolve. Collective diversity and equity is our strength as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Agility is our nimbleness to challenge, build, transform, thrive, and innovate in the real-time world!

The KollaborNation Partnership's governance document is a "Declaration of Interdependence" which we have co-created. Our Declaration of Interdependence is a "living document" that will be collaboratively amended so that we might always respond to challenges and opportunities in our world at the pace of change. Each new partnership developed under the KollaborNation Partnership will begin with a Declaration of Interdependence where the new partnership collectively outlines how they shall work together.

We are whole-systems designers with decades of experience in designing systems that have integrated economies to serve entire regions of California. We have constructed statewide fiscal legislation for the environment, led tech transfer for the US DOE, DoD and the national labs. We have supported integration of eastern medicine into allopathic medicine for the US and the WHO. We have designed top-down, bottom up systems for the State of California under the California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agents (Cal-IPGCA).

We understand "WholeOCRACY" and human-centric design because we've pioneered the "The Playbook" for developing moonshot projects that have pioneered human-centric design and cross-functional integration of leadership, the workforce and broad-based community involvement. We build "K-Partnerships" from the root system up where real conversation and purpose meet. This is where we collectively plant the seeds that grow bonds of trust and forge advocacies that unite and serve our rich multi-generational culture as it links out to embrace the world!
As skilled entrepreneurs and pioneering visionaries we understand....
  • We are igniting a GLOBAL COMMUNITY where our promise and North Star is to incubate passion, knowledge, skills and abilities from all walks of life.
  • KollaborNation is propelled by the intersection of People (human-centered design), Process (aligning and streamlining business practices), and Technology (tools to empower employees and improve services).
  • With technology as a source of fuel we use human-centered design, engineer with nature, and build communities that respond to challenges in real time to meet the needs of people and the environment.
  • We are innovators of global change and global communities where we accelerate exponential improvements that have lasting durability and flexibility. As "living whole-systems", adapting to change is inherent.
  • We build "Prototypes" for replication. We recognize the elegance and strength of well-constructed systems is a transferable technology and the most expedient methodology to connect needs to services that are often supporting people and situations in crisis.
We Connect the dots....
  • We model the way…as a "WholeOCRACY" we build "WholeOCRACIES" –e.g., we simply "walk our talk!" We prioritize the hiring of "MissedAbilities" because this is "the juncture" where "people of all stripes" are seen, heard and activated...unleashing talent into our world!
  • We span silos to connect the dots–between human and technological systems; between individuals, citizens, communities and government, organizations, corporations and academics; and between causes and advocacies, needs and services, cultures and generational divides where mutual respect is forged.
  • In combination…our 3 K-NATION Partnerships connect who we are to the world around us where our combined advocacies are served to scale at the pace of change.
  • KollaborNation's Declaration(s) of Interdependence guides our work. We mentor the development of community based Declarations of Interdependence to guide the dynamic partnerships that form to connect government to people and people to each other and their communities.
  • Through Rapid Innovation and Wisdom Circles, we create environments where "everybody" is at the table and "every voice" is heard, included and valued.
  • KollaborNation's data system is relational and ultimately agile and adaptable in cross-pollinating across governments, people, communities and advocacies.
KollaborNation is a “Member-based” Organization. We offer a "Free Membership" with rich opportunities to listen, explore and be heard. Tiered membership is available for:
  • KollaborNation Affiliates: Government Agencies and Departments (state, regional and local), publicly held corporations and small business enterprises, academic institutions and student organizations, non-governmental 501 (C) (3) organizations
  • K-People: K-People are our individual members of all stripes!


·        Do you see the world as one system and YOU are integral?

·        Do you want to connect to yourself, your job, and the world...an environment where you can plant your passions to take root and grow in incredible ways?

·        Are you an innovator who wants to tell your story as a K-Cast Podcaster so you can teach and ignite others to lead change?

·        Do you want to invest in yourself, your work, and your community to transform and grow?

·        We're all one System...Do you want to connect and form partnerships to collaborate and pioneer innovation hubs that address real-time challenges in a real-time world?

·        Do you want to build the two-way super highway where government services and community needs connect to serve and support all?

·        Do you want to give back to yourself, your job, and your community?

·        Do you want to champion legions of  "MissedABILITIES" in Society?

·        If you answered YES to all (or most) of these, then the KollaborNation Partnership is for you!