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On October 12, 2022, the Cal-IPGCA DEPLOYED....transitioning from private sector management to California State Agencies with continued support from the Cal-IPGCA Association.  We are proud to release a comprehensive CAL-IPGCA PLAYBOOK covering the program from its inception in 2012 through the close of Cohort 2022!

  • Are you interested in human transformation?
  • Are you passionate about innovation and change in your organization?
  • Do you believe in a whole systems approach for critical problem-solving for the state?
  • Are you ready for a unique opportunity to work in a state-level diverse team for a 6-month period to implement/deploy four outstanding government innovation projects?
  • Do you yearn to transform California State government to an Employer of Choice and Go-To Service Provider?

Created in 2012, Cal-IPGCA has annually iterated improvements as this unique program pioneers government innovation and change. The Cal-IPGCA Association, established by Cohort 2017, has grown to over 60 departments and 1600 employees.

  • United in purpose, we have built a State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNet) that leads California as a human-centered innovation testbed of People, Processes, and Technology.
  • The "People" comprise key CA leadership that work together with a network of public and private sector employees.
  • Our "Processes" hone collaboration critical tools and protocols. And our "Technology" maintains a platform that integrates knowledge, skills, and abilities. Moving at the pace of change, we tackle California’s most complex needs through the development and deployment of moonshot projects and programs as well as the co-creation of a statewide value system to drive our mission and vision.
  • Collectively, we are energetically transforming the State of California into an Employer of Choice and Go-To Service Providers. The public benefit from this dynamic systemic approach as we increase opportunity by co-creating One People, One System, One State, and One World…a California for All!
In their desire to continue innovating at the conclusion of Cohort 2017, the Cal-IPGCA Association was formed by members of its graduating class. Growing from a conceptual idea to a membership of over 1600 and 60 departments, the Cal-IPGCA Mission is: To model leadership that promotes CAL-IPGCA ASSOCIATION: creativity, innovation, and growth to transform government. Cal-IPGCA Vision: To create a community of California government change agents who lead tomorrow’s innovative workforce, today! Since 2017, the Cal-IPGCA Association has become the foundation of the State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNet) by integrating and involving the state's workforce. They represent a force of leadership within the Cal-IPGCA Program.
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