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Entering its 10th year of serving the State of California, Cal-IPGCA launched Cohort 2021 on January 7, 2021. There are 4 Innovation Teams that launched 4 Moonshot projects representing 8 Innovation Priorities. If what you see and read on our homepage "ignites the innovator in you" and you would like to join the movement, the door of opportunity opens through joining as a member of the Cal-IPGCA Association. Our price is right...the cost of membership is FREE with the opportunities to volunteer your voice, thoughts, and ideas as "Beta-Testers" of work-in-progress open-ended! Membership is open to all - JOIN TODAY! The amount of volunteer time you contribute will be based upon the role you choose to take on. Here's additional information on volunteering as a Beta-Tester for Cohort 2021 - Do you "Dare to be this person!"

March 2, 2021: SACNetwork Proof of Concept (PoC) Beta Test 2021 - Brownbag Demo

This exciting demo was hosted by the Cal-IPGCA Association for members and friends. The Goal: To demo the opportunities of becoming involved as a “Government Intrapreneur” by supporting the SACNet Skills Bank 2021 as a Beta Tester. For those unable to join the event, we're pleased to provide an outcome video or the Frequently Asked Questions from this event. To learn more, "Dare to be this Person!"

We describe a moonshot as:

"The essence of a Moonshot is the combination of a huge problem, a re-imagined solution to that problem, and the creation of innovative ideas that can shift approach and outcomes of people, process and technology to make that solution possible."

As a "leaders training leaders" program, Cohort 2021 is guided by a combined leadership of 28 pioneers of innovation representing, secretaries, directors, and key State of California leadership – all responsible for charting the real-time terrain of supercharged pandemics – COVID 19, racial inequality, social unrest, and accelerating climate change where emergency response activities in 2020 totaled 8200 unique events and resulting in more than 4 million acres of land burned. The first 5 weeks of Cohort 2021, on consecutive Thursday's, these leaders share their strategic advisory with an "auxiliary" team of cohort trainees from across the State of California

A "North Star" for Cohort 2021 is Governor Newsom's Executive Order N-04-19. Through cascading rapid innovation sprints, Cohort 2021 is a testbed that operationalizes the intent of this EO by "forming partnerships across state agencies and departments, working together with the private sector, academia, and non-governmental organizations to spur innovation, promote collaboration and entice partnership in solving some of the state's most complex business and technology challenges.

Cal-IPGCA Cohorts use a facilitated curriculum for the development of our teamed Moonshot Projects. Here's a short overview of the Cal-IPGCA Program followed by an INDEX of program features. A major component within the Cal-IPGCA is a curriculum that integrates "Just Ask Why". This is instructed by Kathleen Webb, Chief Deputy Director of the DMV as a long-term Executive Sponsor of the Cal-IPGCA Program. "Just Ask Why" is an iterative process in the facilitated development of the Moonshot Projects via an 8-Step Path.

O. N. E. Integrators Team Goal: Fashioned after SACNet, a primary goal of the O. N. E. Integrators Team is to promote maximum access to and integration of state government’s most valuable asset: its workforce.

  • Integrators’ holistic approach reduces redundancy of effort and thereby enhances cross-departmental collaboration and the efficiency and performance outcome for all.
  • The interactions among the O. N. E. Integrators and the Moonshot project teams as they interface with State of California leadership create a continuous flow from independent activities towards collective goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Via an application process, interested trainees applied and were elected as representatives of the O. N. E. Meet them now!

"Innovation Priority Overview + SACNet Pilots Innovation Priorities."

"Innovation Priority Overview + M & M Innovation Priority."

"Innovation Priority Overview + TeleTeam Innovation Priority."

"Innovation Priority Overview + The Unifiers Innovation Priorities."