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"There is something to the synergistic effect which is completely true, that when more and more human beings get together to do things, that the impossible suddenly becomes possible." – Martin Hoshino, Director, Judicial Council, Cal-IPGCA Board of Advisors

The Cal-IPGCA Association embraces our innovative partners with open-arms! In the prophetic words of Martin Hoshino, "The point of all of this is that when you become a leader in government or anywhere, and you begin to realize that the more people work together, that the more we leverage the ecosystem or get organic in terms of our approach of our solutions, and we use partners, we collect partners, we bring partners along, that we take a larger fabric or quilt work approach to our problems, the solutions become even quicker and even faster." Collectively, we are creating a seismic shift in Government Innovation!

Become a Member of these Cal-IPGCA Partners: As a member of Cal-IPGCA Association, you can join NxtGov and ODSIG here. Kindred to Cal-IPGCA Association, membership in NxtGov and ODSIG is free, but based on the investment you make, your ROI can be personally and professionally transformational...it's all up to you!

WEBSITE The programs and initiatives of NxtGov focus on 5 key things:
  • Expanding our network across silos by building our membership
  • Recruiting of the next generation of public servants
  • Providing professional development opportunities for current members
  • Giving back by coordinating monthly community engagement events
  • Consulting with California government entities looking to incorporate the perspective of the incoming workforce into their projects and strategic agendas.
  • Join NxtGov

The Organizational Development for California State Government (OD4CA) is an inhouse, professional association dedicated to transforming California State Government by developing and executing organizational development (OD)principles and best practices at all levels of the workforce. These cover such disciplines as Strategic Planning, OD Assessment and Transformation, Change Management, Risk Management, Process Improvement and Organizational Improvement Metrics. Fueled by the motto: “Inspire...Educate... Transform” the OD4CA exposes its members to the latest techniques, methodologies, tools and information to create pro-active “change agents.” So whether you are a line staff member, manager, or executive, the OD4CA has something for you. Be a part of transforming California State Government into the 21st century!

You can JOIN OD4CA by emailing Lisa Zinn @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request to become a member. 

The Asian Pacific State Employees Association (APSEA) has been an executive sponsor of Cal-IPGCA since 2012. APSEA is a California statewide non-profit and non-political organization tax-exempt under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Section 501 (c) (4). We provide numerous services to our members and contributes to the betterment of the Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community. Our members are comprised primarily of California state government employees, though anyone who supports our goals, regardless of ethnicity or employment status, is encouraged to join APSEA. Currently, APSEA has chapters in Sacramento, Southern California, and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Kindred to our Cal-IPGCA's Executive Sponsors and Board of Advisors Cal-IPGCA'S Educational and Training Partners are innovation pioneers, as each is investing their limited resources into growing the intrapreneurial skillsets of their organizations and their people.