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Strategic Plan

To model leadership that promotes creativity, innovation, and growth to transform government.

To create a community of California government change agents who lead tomorrow's innovative workforce, today!

  • We Challenge
  • We Build
  • We Transform
  • We Thrive

Goal 1 : (We Challenge): We guide and mentor real-time leadership, innovation, and change for the State of California.

  • By 2025, become the primary state resource center for innovative talent.
  • By February 2021, at least 15% of Association Members will participate in SACNetwork.

Goal 2 : (We Build): We empower human and organizational potential as real-time outcomes.

  • By 2025, offer current and prospective members proven established processes which uniformly apply to both people and organizations, break down silos, and encourage real-time innovation.
  • By February 2021, gather initial best practices currently utilized across agencies.

Goal 3 : (We Transform): In support of SACNetwork, advance collaboration and co-creation across departmental boundaries and hierarchies as we forge a fluid and agile government.
  • Act as a strategic advisor to the Cal-IPGCA Program’s Innovation Priorities by integrating the input of members through surveys, forums, rapid innovation champion summits, hackathons, etc.
  • Exponentially grow membership for the Association by engaging members to work on the Cal-IPGCA Program's Innovation Priorities in Cohort 2020.

Goal 4 : (We Thrive): The State of California is recognized as an Employer of Choice with a breadth of opportunities, benefits, and mobility, positioned to take California to new heights and collectively transform the world!.
  • The Association, in support of the SACNetwork and Cal-IPGCA Program's Innovation Priorities, helps design, test, and deploy best practices to attract, develop, share, and retain talent, knowledge, and leaders.
  • During Cohort 2020, the Cal-IPGCA Program, supported by the SACNetwork and the Association, is recognized by state government and private enterprise as a Human-centered, Innovation Testbed.

Strategic Plan: PDF File