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Welcome to Cohort 2019 Outcomes:

California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agents, Cal-IPGCA, is structured as a 360° applied training environment. Trainees toggle between monthly classroom training and applied experiential learning within their work environment. Integrating and synergizing participation across all levels of government – from entry-level to senior executives, innovation teams come together to develop specifically targeted projects or programs that meet key challenges identified by the State of California agency leaders.

Post Event Summary: Cohort 2019 Day of Innovation

Cal-IPGCA Association was pleased to sponsor the Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2019 Day of Innovation on November 12, 2019. In summary, here's our Day of Innovation Brochure. Our "innovationists" inspired attendees by deploying new boundaries of thinking, leadership, change, and innovation. Our innovation teams revealed outcomes to their moonshot projects. The essence of a Moonshot is the combination of a huge problem, a re-imagined solution to that problem, and the creation of innovative ideas that can shift the approach and outcomes of people, processes, and technology to make that solution possible. To develop their Moonshot projects, the Cohort 2010 Innovation Teams were given Enterprise-Wide Government Challenges, identified by the State of California leadership. The Cal-IPGCA Association will be posting the post-event outcomes on December 9, 2019.

Each link provides video outcomes. Each Moonshot project features the teamed Whitepaper.

Note: PDF links are provided in a printable format.


In briefly summarizing the Cohort 2019 Day of Innovation, we're taking you on a journey that begins with a short but sweeping overview of our Teamed Moonshot projects and the backstory that drives outcomes. Since its 2012 inception, the Cal-IPGCA has been a leaders training leaders program.

  • Cal-IPGCA Cohorts are under the Executive Sponsorship of the Government Operations Agency (GovOps), the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), the Department of General Services (DGS), and the Asian Pacific State Employees Association. Ora Systems, Inc., serves as Executive Sponsor and Program Chair. Advising the Executive Sponsors is a Cal-IPGCA Board of Advisors. State Fund has joined as an Executive Sponsor for Cohort 2020 and the identification of new executive sponsors and advisors is ongoing. The Cal-IPGCA Association Board of Directors serves in a front-line leadership capacity of day-to-day Cohort activities and events.
  • Each cohort training date opens with a Change Challenge Forum where agency secretaries, departmental directors, and other key innovative leaders guide our teams with overarching strategy sessions that guide the development of moonshot innovation projects.
  • The leadership strategies serve a secondary purpose in guiding the work-based experiential learning where 36 modules create a learning environment where trainees are required to apply what they have learned in their personal, professional and project-based moonshot projects.
  • This integrated approach cross-pollinates participating trainees and departments to culturally embed rather than teach innovation and change, which in turn, accelerates ideation and project momentum.
  • Our cohorts create an invigorating environment where a mindset of exponential improvement and unlimited possibility prevails with a keen focus on creating outcomes. These outcomes can demonstrate exponential return through metrics-driven performance and validate return on investment (ROI).
  • The outcomes of each Cohort create the foundation and baseline that formulate the starting point for cohorts to follow – creating a real-time systems approach of "One System, One State, One World."
  • Following are the leaders responsible for guiding Cohort 2019. Our Moderators provide a short overview for the featured "Change Challenge Forum," while our leaders provide you a short synopsis of their profession journey, aka their "backstory"!