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Greetings Cal-IPGCA Membership... We're reaching out today with extraordinary member benefit - "the opportunity" to participate in Cal-IPGCA Hackathon 2022!

What are we looking for?

  • We're looking for radical new perspectives and new ways to look at our innovation priorities and moonshot projects.
  • Never Hacked? Don't let that stop you! It's often the new participant who brings innovation through the door.
  • Let your inner rebel join other like-minded individuals—individuals who think outside the box! This is a rich environment where ideas bump into other ideas such that innovation takes place for all of us!
  • Are you ready to contribute your unique mindset, defy the status quo, and let your voice be heard? If so, then we're ready for you! We're searching for fantastic working solutions that deliver great results to the constituents of our state!

Are we describing you...Want to know more?

  • What's a Hacker?
  • What's being Hacked?
  • Who's Invited?
  • When and Where?
  • How to Register + MUCH MORE!
  • Link here for more information, and then, if you are inclined, Register Now!

*Professional development hours meet the State of California biennial leadership training requirements. (GC19995.4).

What is the Cal-IPGCA Program?

Initiated in 2012, Cal-IPGCA is a 365 Innovation and Change Leadership program. Functioning in a real-time environment, Cal-IPGCA utilizes a systems approach that spans and integrates state leadership, and the state’s workforce at all hierarchical levels, departments, and agencies to co-create and collaborate on projects and programs that lead innovation and change. Like all innovative endeavors, Cal-IPGCA iterates improvements each year. Annually, Cal-IPGCA graduates 100’s of trainees in both full and part-time curriculums that vary from a low of 8 hours to a high of 108 Professional Development Hours. Professional development hours meet the State of California biennial leadership training requirements. (GC19995.4).

Cal-IPGCA Executive Leadership Training Team:

The key trainers for the Cal-IPGCA program represent the Executive Leadership from across the State of California. Prominently Secretaries, Directors, and Chiefs, Executive Trainers are augmented by leadership from academia and the private sector. Here are the Biographies of the executive training and strategically advising Cal-IPGCA's "test-bed" activities.