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Initiating its 9th year of effective and dynamic innovation, California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agent's virtual community cross-connects government, academia, advocacy, and tech to create a dynamic testbed that is designed to respond to real needs in real-time. Building…



Stories constitute the single most powerful tool in our innovation arsenal…When Cal-IPGCA trainees tell their stories, they inhabit them. They don't seek change, they invent change!
Here are their stories. Like a good book that you can't put down, we think their stories will compel the innovator in you. Cal-IPGCA produces tangible results for the key challenges facing California and the citizens of our State.

  • Are you an innovator?
  • Are you an agent of change for your co-workers, your departments, and the citizens of our state?
  • Then Cal-IPGCA, Cohort 2020 "Test Bed", might just be the environment you are looking for!

"I'm here to be an Agent of Change. We will make change. We are the Change. You have to be this change. We got to make this change. Change the world!"

-Cohort 2018

"Find those change agents across the silos and start to build relationships."

-Secretary Wade Crowfoot, CNRA

"When you are carrying that banner of "why" and you are clear about your what and how, that is contagious. Be the contagion for that. Be the inspired leader!"

-Kathleen Webb, Chief Deputy Director, Department of Motor Vehicles

"There is no moonshot that is too far-fetched. Nobody has ever pulled off a moonshot by themselves. A moonshot is not the degree of action taken, but the impact! Can you imagine if the environment of the state is the environment that this room provides all of you, what this state's 240,000 employees could achieve? The backbone of government is you!"

-Cal-IPGCA Executive Sponsors

"We learn that moonshots represent are hefty mountains to climb. We need to keep our courage going even when we believe it isn’t possible."

-Rebekah Christensen, CEO, ORA Systems-Chair, Cal-IPGCA

People don't buy what you do. They simply buy why you do it. And what you do, it's nothing more than proving that you believe!

-Simon Sinek, Author "Popularizing the concept of WHY"

"The Governor's Innovation Sprint, N-04-19 was our North Star in bringing technology to connect and move people and processes. Our Hackathon is our vehicle. Collectively we are accelerating the pace of change."

-Cal-IPGCA Association Board of Directors

"This program reminded me that as an individual, I can have an impact. I can create ripples. I can make a change by first changing myself."

-Ashley Breth, DSH

I'm crazy enough to think that I can change government. And that's exactly why I do."

-Caesar Gutierrez, State Fund

California is a Nation-State. We are many parts, but we are one body— there is a mutuality and a recognition of our interdependence.

–Governor Gavin Newsom, March 20, 2020

"As 'makers of change' the challenges we face are a product of change itself. Until now, we didn’t comprehend the vulnerability of our world, our state, and our communities that is exacerbated through our lack of connectivity. A global pandemic requires a global response as cause and effect is immediate. By nature, we have always been a whole system, uniquely independent and interdependent. COVID-19 shifted our barometer measuring the understanding that we are One System, One State, One World!"
– Rebekah Christensen, Chair, Cal-IPGCA

"Tuition and staff time for Cal-IPGCA participation trains leaders, innovators, and change agents PLUS it is an opportunity to access, benefit from, and participate as a member of a Human-centered Innovation Testbed – meaning our Innovation Priorities (IPs) respond to real problems in real-time. Collectively we are developing and deploying new knowledge, skills and abilities, and modernized business processes and technology tools. Cal-IPGCA is far more than training. It's an investment with measurable ROI - in our own careers, that of State employees and, collectively, for the State of California." -Kamyar Guivetchi, Manager, Division of Planning, Department of Water Resources, and Director of Innovation and Collaboration, Cal-IPGCA Association

BOTTOM LINE: If you have value to invest in return for the capacity to change the world, then here's your open door of opportunity!

Cal-IPGCA is in its 9th year of collaborative innovation. Cohort 2020's virtual community cross-connects government, academia, advocacy, and tech to create a dynamic testbed that is designed to respond to real needs in real-time.

Cal-IPGCA is all about who we are and what we do. Since our inception in 2012, we've leveled the playing field by transforming the concept of competition. By embracing a multitude of state agencies, departments, programs and people, we have created our own united nations of innovation. We transcend boundaries of age and ethnicity, hierarchy, beliefs, experiences, and knowledge.

An Innovation Priority (IP) represents enterprise-wide challenges facing the State of California in a COVID-19 recovery effort. Our trainees reimagine IP outcomes by developing Moonshot projects. Moonshots are a combination of a huge problem, a re-imagined solution, and the creation of innovative ideas that are designed to shift trajectories of approach and outcomes achieved.

The state must foster a culture of innovation. Through a new flexible procurement approach the state and private sector partners, NGOs and academics collaborate to find solutions that are in the best interests of Californians.

Leaders Training Leaders...

Change Challenge Forums feature panel discussions by government leaders to share their individual and collective experience on reimagining government—what can be as opposed to what has been. These forums ignite and inspire the Moonshot teams by providing strategic insight and wisdom for project integration and discussion.

E N G A G E features two distinct but interconnected LMS training tracks. Both tracks are connected to core curriculum taught by Cal-IPGCA Leadership in our Change Challenge Forums.
1. CALHR LEADERSHIP VALUES: 9 values -18 Modules
2. JUST ASK WHY – Connects to a Master's Class that breaks down into 4 Modules. This integrates with our process-driven project management approach for executing moonshot projects.

A Cal-IPGCA Champion is an individual or organizational entity, either governmental or non-governmental, that is invested in achieving a return on investment (ROI) from an enterprise-wide Innovation Priority (IP) under development by the Cal-IPGCA innovation teams. As leaders and subject matter experts, these Champions provide strategic direction to the Cal-IPGCA teams regarding their perspectives on the existing and desired future state of the IP, including the desired data analytics.

The Cal-IPGCA Hackathon is a 1-day event in the 5th month of the program. Hacking at its best is creative problem-solving. It's intentional that the Hackathon is conducted late in the Cohort calendar as its purpose is not to design the solution but to instead enhance the outcome.
The Leadership Energizes 360-degree assessment is designed for current and emerging leaders to aid in professional development and personal leadership assessment. Executive coaching focuses on the present and future self. The coaches will challenge the discussion through active listening, and the conversation only goes where the participant chooses to take it. The two coaching sessions are one-on-one and confidential.

Facilitation soft skills are essential to the success of individuals, teams, customer relationships, and the delivery of constituent services. Cal-IPGCA facilitation instruction sets itself apart from other training, as it is conducted in tandem with the Cal-IPGCA Program. We live in a real-time world where change is constant. We train facilitators (and the trainees they oversee) to thrive in this environment at the forefront of change and innovation in government.

Cohort 2020 starts September 10, 2020, through February 25, 2021. At a cost of $3350 per Full-time Trainee, it offers 86 Professional Develop Hours (PDHs) under the State of California’s biennial leadership training requirements. (GC 19995.4). For the first time, Cohort 2020 will also feature Skills Bank Beta Testers at a cost of $100 per Beta Tester for participating departments with Full-time trainees enrolled.

Cal-IPGCA represents an impressive lineup of 43 state agencies and departments, plus a sprinkling of private sector companies that are pioneers at the forefront of innovation and change leadership. Cal-IPGCA builds an immersive learning environment that transforms the theoretical to the applied through a teamed process of developing real-time outcomes that address the challenges facing the State of California. Our approach is less about changing what is and more about building what has never been before by "connecting the dots that exist" in entirely new ways.
Cal-IPGCA has seven executive sponsors. These sponsors serve as the overarching framework and support system of each Cal-IPGCA Cohort program. Both individually and collectively, they are strategists and pathfinders that lead the deployment of government innovation. As stewards, they advance the human potential of state employees and organizations.

The Cal-IPGCA Board of Advisors serve as the front-line outreach conduit to State of California leadership and the state’s workforce. They support each cohort program by leading and supporting all types of activities and by facilitating and serving as project champions for each of the Moonshot project teams.