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Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2021 Leadership and Innovation Outcome Reports

At the conclusion of Cohort 2021, the Cal-IPGCA completed its 10th year of operation serving the state government of California. Like all innovative endeavors, we have iterated improvements each year to achieve a status where we’ve represented 58 participating state departments. This pioneering, transformational leadership and innovation program falls under the executive sponsorship of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Water Resources, the California Franchise Tax Board, the State Compensation Insurance Fund, the Asian Pacific State Employees Association, the Cal-IPGCA Association, and our program chair, ORA Systems of Sacramento, California.

The synopsis of Cohort 2021’s moonshot projects, prepared by The Integrators, finds that the State of California must build an authentic, inclusive, and diverse forum for its 230,000-strong workforce, if that workforce is to collaborate efficiently and effectively across the State's 237 agencies, departments, boards, and commissions. Such a forum is essential to working more nimbly with the private sector, as well. The Cohort 2021 findings reinforce that the State needs a State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNet) to empower and enable its employees and organizations to rapidly share knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources, and to foster the agile interagency collaboration essential to deliver a California for All.

Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2021 Proof of Concept (PoC) Executive Summary:  

Since 2012, through the California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agents (Cal-IPGCA), ORA Systems, Inc., of California, has trained pioneers of innovation and change for the State of California. Professional development hours meet the State of California biennial leadership training requirements.  Link here for a "rapid innovation" summary reflecting the achievements of 36 Full-Time Graduates of Cohort 2021, supported by an "auxiliary workforce" of 761 strong, representing 34 unique departments.  Talk about collaborative government innovation ...Cohort 2021 wrote the playbook!

Cal-IPGCA SACNet Proof of Concept (PoC) Cohort 2021 Beta Bites

Short on time but long on interest?  Access Cal-IPGCA “Beta Bites” to get short-fused highlights. 

Each image is a hot link. They're guaranteed to caffeinate your interest in the new frontier of Government Innovation and Change in the State of California!

Day of Innovation Welcome: Video Address

The SACNet Skills Bank Proof of Concept (PoC)beta-test 2021 established a statewide solution (top down - bottom up) that engages employees as it builds personal accountability for responding to the real-time needs of government in a real time culture. The SACNet (State Agency Collaboration Network) creates a cross-pollinated workforce able to work across hierarchical and departmental structures to collaborate in the development of statewide innovation projects.

Pioneering this inaugural beta test environment were Cal-IPGCA Executive Sponsors; the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) The DMV and DWR beta testers were enrolled as part-time trainees of the Cal-IPGCA program. Professional development hours and certificates of completion commensurate with the allocation of time spent, as documented in the training records of ORA Systems, Inc. Meets the State of California biennial leadership training requirements. (GC 19995.4).

A favorite of each Cohort Day of Innovation, from an environment ofshort “Ted-talk-style presentations, Cal-IPGCA"Innovationists" inspire new perspectives and boundaries of thinking and acting upon innovation and leadership

Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2021 Innovationists Introduction:  Sean Adams, Senior VP of Innovation, State Fund

The SACNet Pilots Moonshot unites & ignites California's human capital as an agile workforce to meet the needs of government and society in real time. We will achieve this goal by building a collaboration network (the SACNetwork), creating collaboration principles (a Memorandum of Understanding), and developing collaboration technology (the Skills Bank) that together will unite California’s public and private workforce in solving the toughest challenges at the pace of change.

The TeleTeam Moonshot proposed development of Tele-Portal, a web-based conceptual model designed to promote informed, consistent, and inclusive telework decisions by all levels of State agency leadership and by rank-and-file workers.

The aim of the Team M and M Moonshot is to elevate and promote the middle managers’ role as the linchpin of innovation in California government by creating an environment that supports the sharing of ideas, improves and develops new skills, and fosters collaboration statewide. Through the guidance and support of the Cal-IPGCA Association and with SACNetwork as the nucleus, we will develop a charter for the Consortium designed to guide and empower middle managers to build a resilient California as we reorient to a new normal and face the future challenges of a post COVID world.

The Unifiers Moonshot proposed a collaborative system that results in the prevention and resolution of homelessness and racial inequities – giving power to those who are seeking equal opportunities, shelter, safety, and employment. Our intent: to create a tipping point where the human outcry for equity for all has become a united voice, across all cultures, heard and actioned world-wide. Beginning with our children, we shall unite the diverse cultures of California as One Team, One World, One Love!

Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2021 recognizes that integration of people, process, and technology is key to a resilient California government. This understanding led Cohort 2021 to build upon the previous cohort’s Innovation Force; thus, we convened The O.N.E. Integrators Team with representatives from the four Cohort 2021 Moonshot Teams, namely the SACNet Pilots, TeleTeam, M&M, and Unifiers. The O.N.E. Integrators — standing for Opening Minds, Networking Agencies, Expanding Connections — was guided by a Declaration of Interdependence geared toward facilitating agile and effective connections among people, processes, and technology. The Integrators are an overarching catalyst for developing trust and teamwork among all trainees. We provided opportunities for cross-collaboration and integration among all innovation priorities and teams. We also identified interdependencies and synergies, reduced redundancy of effort, and enhanced the performance and outcomes of every team.

Announcing we experienced exponential growth of the Cal-IPGCA program in 2021 is an understatement. The conversion of the program from a site-based to a virtual allowed Cal-IPGCA to accelerate immediately into a statewide program that advanced government innovation in remarkable ways. With final graduates still being tallied graduates receiving Certificates of Completion advanced by more than 1700%

Cal-IPGCA welcomed Undersecretary Angela Barranco, California Natural Resources Agency as their keynote for Cohort 2021

Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2022: Join "Team California"... Pioneer Government Innovation into the Future!

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