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Cal-IPGCA Day of Innovation – Deployment 2022
Congratulations Graduates!

Cohort 2022's Day of Innovation marked a first as we cut the "red ribbon" on the deployment of a State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNet), integrating 4 statewide Innovation Projects. The agenda provides the line-up of Executive Leadership participating in support of and alongside the graduating Cohort 2022 Trainees - both Full-Time and our Proof of Concept (PoC) Beta Testers. Meet the Cohort 2022 PoC Beta Testers! (*Professional development hours meet the State of California biennial leadership training requirements. (GC19995.4).

Collectively, as a human-centric testbed, we are leading Government Innovation in the State of California and co-creating a single sign-on platform that propels an engaged and inspired workforce! Cal-IPGCA Association has been an active participant and is a proud sponsor of the Cohort 2022 Day of Innovation.

What is the State Agency Collaboration Network?

SACNet is a human-centered innovation testbed** that enables the State of California to develop and test processes and tools consistent with Governor Newsom’s Innovation Procurement Sprint for California (EO N-04-19). This Executive (EO) directs agencies and departments to transparently share their business needs in partnership with private industry to offer solutions. The SACNet is propelled by the intersection of People (human-centered design), Process (aligning and streamlining business practices), and Technology (tools to empower employees and improve services). First developed by Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2019, the purpose of the SACNet is to empower and enable employees to share their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and best practices to foster agile inter-agency collaboration. Building and sustaining a SACNet enable State agencies and their partners to cross-collaborate organizations and cultures in creating workable solutions to the toughest challenges collectively facing the State of California.

What is a Skills Bank?

The Skills Bank creates a portable digital repository of employee skills and certifications. It creates groups of collaboration communities that will enable skills matching for team selection on critical projects as well as problem-solving and information sharing across workforce sectors and communities of practice. The Skills Bank Proof of Concept Beta Test under Cohort 2022 achieved remarkable outcomes that will be featured fully in the Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2022 Outcome Report.

What is a Testbed?

A Cal-IPGCA human-centered innovation testbed is a platform for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing of scientific theories and computational tools. It is a systems approach to the integration and utilization of “People, Processes and Technologies” that guides real-time Government Innovation for the State of California. The term is used across many disciplines to describe experimental research and new product development platforms and environments.

What is the Cal-IPGCA O.N.E. Innovation Team?

The O.N.E. Integrators Team —Opening Minds, Networking Agencies, Expanding Connections—prepared this integrated executive summary of the innovative solutions, use cases, and recommended next steps from the Cohort 2022 Moonshot Deployment Plans of the California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agents (Cal-IPGCA). The O. N. E. Integrators is comprised of two representatives from each annual Cohort Innovation Team. They are responsible for integrating a cohesive flow of “People, Process, and Technology” associated with the development of each team’s Moonshot Innovation Project and/or Moonshot Deployment Plan. Their collective final report is termed “The Wrapper,” as it is an integration summary of all deployment activities in progress. It is designed to shape the focus for the Innovation Priorities (IPs) in progress and to garner recognition for the Cal-IPGCA