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June 14, 2021:  The anticipated uploading of our June 10, 2021, Day of Innovation Outcomes has been delayed from today's announced posting due to a COVID hospitalization of a core member of our production team.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.  Thank you!

State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNet): SACNet was created by Cohort 2019. SACNet progressed exponentially under the SACNet Pilots Innovation Team under Cohort 2021. As a multi-year innovation priority for the Cal-IPGCA and the State of California, the outcomes of Cohort 2021, to be presented at the Cal-IPGCA Day of Innovation June 10, 2021, represent the new foundation for continued development and innovation by Cohort 2022. The linked innovation priorities below, summarize the starting point for Cohort 2022 trainees.

What is SACNet: SACNet is the overarching innovation priority (IP) for the remaining seven priorities being implemented. One key focus of SACNet is to deactivate the inclination to compete. By emphasizing cross-collaboration, interdependency between all Moonshot project teams and reliance on each other will become the status quo.

SACNet's goal is to reduce redundancy of effort and thereby enhance cross-departmental collaboration and the efficiency and performance outcome for all. The interactions among the SACNet and the Moonshot project teams as well as State of California leadership creates a continuous flow from independent activities towards collective goals, objectives, and outcomes. As these conjoin, they will holistically impact and support our state government and our state's economy.

SACNet Skills Bank: As part of this goal, SACNet is building a technological infrastructure (platform) that promotes continuous collaboration between employees, departments and agencies. It is designed to encourage state employees to take ownership of their professional growth and manifest inter-agency collaboration to respond to real needs in real-time.

In Their Voices:  Past Cal-IPGCA Trainees are passionate about the doors of opportunity that opened for them in making a difference as leaders of change and innovation in state service.  Here "Their Words!

Since 2012, ORA Systems has had the honor of iterating and leading the intrapreneurial efforts of government innovators for the State of California in a pioneering program that is building, through CalHR's 9-Leadership Values, a common language of leadership and shifting the paradigm of and trajectory for innovation in government.  The training opportunities under Cal-IPGCA Cohorts expanded significantly during Cohort 2021.  Here's our trainee categories for Full-time, Full-time Innovationist Assistants, and the "Why" for part-time "Innovation Catalysts, added in Cohort 2022. 

DMV SACNet Skills Bank Beta Test Onboarding:  April 27, 2021